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No-nonsense platform: Spam-free, toll-free, no ad-interrupts, absolutely no-chaos.

Most trusted: Nebory verifies every neighbour and moderates the content which helps building trusted connections.

Like-minded connections: User profiles are designed for easy discovery of like-minded neighboors.

Influencer connect: Get connected with influential people.


Follow who you want to: Follow only those you want to and create your own feed. Keep unwanted people/content away.

Easy content discovery: Seperate dedicated spaces to discover neighbours and their content easily.

Easy product discovery: Nebory AI let's you discover products/services offerred by your neighbours effortlessly.


Vocal for local: Nebory marketplace hosts wide variety of products sold by your own neighbours.

Easy listing product catalog: Easily register your business and list your products.

WhatsApp Integration: Receive orders on your existing WhatsApp number.


How Do I


Download and install Nebory from invite message you received or play/app store.


Select Neighbourhood and fill the required details. Enroll your business and products/services.

Get Started

Verified members get access to all the features, until then you have a restricted access.

Our Users'

Ketan Gauda
I started a small business in pune and this app really helped me connect with the people around me and spread the word.

Nikhil Salvi
Amazing app, I get to know what's happening around me easily!

Santhiya Rani
Very good communication in your neighborhood to keep abreast of what is going on, recommendations, and the way to stay connected to kind, caring neighbours willing to help and stay connected to kind people. I LOVE IT!
Bhavya Ranpara
Must-Have! Seamless User-Experience, Great Content, Secure Community and a real value add for expanding one's social circle!
Mrs. Jitha
Best App. Instant help with multiple options and solutions at one go!!! Totally Recommended.
Mrs. Sonal
Nebory is awesome platform for knowing your locality better, knowing what all is happening around you. Also, as all users are verified, Information is trustworthy and filtered. Thanks for making such a wonderful platform which was need of the hour, in world of too much information.